Technical data
Type F 20 N F 30 N F 42 N F 50 N
Airflow 2 m³/min 3 m³/min 4,4/3,5 m³/min 4/5 m³/min
Max. pressure 7 bar 7 bar 7/10 bar 10/7 bar
Diesel engine Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine power 15,3 kW 21,0 kW 35,7 kW 35,7 kW
Nominal rotation speed 3600/min 3000/min 2400/min 2600/min
Fuel tank size 21 Liter 35 Liter 70 Liter 70 Liter
Oiler size 2,1 Liter 2,1 Liter 2,1 Liter 2,1 Liter
Total weight 495 kg 690 kg 845 kg 900 kg
Sound level 97 dB(A) 98 dB(A) 98 dB(A) 98 dB(A)
Compressed air outlets 2 x 3/4'' 2 x 3/4'' 2 x 3/4'' 2 x 3/4''
Length 3114 mm 3210 mm 3250 mm 3250 mm
Width 1250 mm 1340 mm 1485 mm 1485 mm
Height 1137 mm 1200 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm
Drawbar trailer, rigid, non-braked X X X X
Drawbar trailer, adjustable, non-braked X X X -
Drawbar trailer, rigid, with brake X X X X
Drawbar trailer, adjustable, with brake X X X X
On support frame X X X X
Aftercooler - X X X
Generator - - X X
Heat exchanger - - - X
Hose recoiler - x x X

The new, strong types for construction!
Mobile screw-type compressors with an airflow from 2 to 20 m3/min.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Robust and reliable.
  • Easy to use and absolutely service friendly.
  • Operational even under the worst site conditions such as extremeh igh temperatures and dusty conditions.
  • Extremely safe to operate with sufficient power reserve.
  • Modern screw profiles.
  • Wirtschaftlicher Kraftstoffverbrauch.
  • Economic fuel consumption.
  • Meets all EU regulations in terms of safety and environmental aspects.

Heart of our high quality compressors are the economically modern Diesel engines with low pollution levels. The continuously variable speed and delivery control reduces fuel consumption. The water cooling ensures a low noise level.

Screw-type compressors
Quality screw-type compressors with the latest screwprofiles and a high degree of efficiency assure a faultless and low noise operation during the whole serviceable life of the compressors. Consumption dependent, stepless rotational frequency and airflow control.

Intake filter
Separated, generous dimensioned intake filter with pollution display for engine and compressor.

The temperature of the engine coolant, oil pressure and oil temperature are controlled at the compressor. The compressor is shut down automatically in any case of malfunction.

The EU-certificated chassises with high stability and great chassis clearance are perfectly suited for contruction business, compressors over 750 kg weight are equipped with overrun brake, automatic return system and adjustable level of drawbar. Available on demand for smaller compressors.

Warp resistant base frame in sheet steel construction and robust, wide opening cover made of thick-walled, corrosion protected sheet steel panels. The coachworks correspond to the EU-Standards for noise emission and environment protection.

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*Special variants on request



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